Please let us tell you – our bags mean business. We’re talking about POLY MAILER, MYLAR, and more.  Print logos, images, or text on any of our bag options in a variety of sizes, materials and styles. GIFT your products packaging from HLS.CO that your customers will brag about.


One size does not fit all. But we have the packaging that fits all your merchandise packaging needs. 



Ideal for shipping and protecting your products from damage -- but also setting a great first impression! HLS.CO poly mailers are fully customizable - inside and out. 

The smooth exterior of poly mailers provides easy to adhere stamps or labels (see our label options) for that extra branded detail.

Lightweight, tamper-proof, water-resistant, they are perfect for storing and shipping clothing, paperwork, soft goods, and pharmaceuticals, too.


Mylar is a unique material  composed of a PET film. This stands for polyethylene terephthalate. Although clear in its original form, mylar film can also be made with printed patterns and glossy laminates to give your bags a bolder, branded look.

Mylar Bags are usually used for food preservation because of their thickness and flexibility, providing a barrier between your food and the elements of changing environments. 

Available in Matte, Clear, Kraft, Glossy, Flat and more. Ask us which Mylar is your best mate, today!

Functional options include child resistant, re-closable,  Zipper-top closure and bottom fold. Reusable.

Our brand offers an assortment of snacks that require different packaging details that separate us from the others on the shelves. With HLS.CO our customers can see the difference, not just taste it!


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